Raising the Roof at St Mary's

Progress Report 21st February 2018

Work is progressing well though the Builders have had to overcome a number of hurdles in recent months. This has included inclement weather and two rotten roof support beams one of which had a length of 2 feet where the wood was more or less disintegrating from old Death Watch Beetle infestation. This beam repair has added around £23,000 to the overall cost of the project and increased the duration of the works by 2 months. However, without this repair a significant part of the roof would have caved in.

Thoughout the works the builders have shown great flexibility in allowing Church services to continue during working hours. Sunday services have been uninterrupted, though there has been significant amount of dust to cope with.

Due to the delays described above, the project will undoubtedly be lengthened by several months, but we are delighted with the appearance of the new tiles and the satisfaction that worship will, God willing, be able to continue at St Mary’s for many years to come.

St Mary’s is a beautiful Church building dating back to the mid 14th century and before that was a focus for preaching as far back as the Saxon period. We trust that the resources that have been found and gifted to us in order to repair the roof, will be reflected by significant investment in the living stones of people’s lives and will facilitate strong Church growth in the coming years as we seek to serve the community of Bushbury in which we are placed.


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