Our Younger People

During this crazy time while our churches are closed, our children and young people need all the support we can give them.  Why not encourage them to join an online alpha course?


Our kids love their screens—I think we can all agree on that. Sometimes it seems that life is the thing that gets in the way of our kids keeping up with their games, life hacks, and favourite YouTubers.  Who can blame them, really? Online and digital apps are this generation’s version of “cool play,” and what kid doesn’t want that?

As adults who want to see kids be as passionate about the Bible as they are about unlocking a new power combo in a game, we naturally start thinking about Bible games and apps.

Ministryspark.com  have researched, reviewed and scored 12 kids bible apps with the following results.  If you want to find out more, click on the individual apps:

App Name                                                                  Overall Score

Superbook Kids Bible App                                               98.75

RightNow Media                                                                87.50

Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book                                           77.50

Jesus Bible Trivia Challenge                                             60.00

PureFlix                                                                               57.50

Bible Coloring Book (Bible Coloring Pages)                  47.50

Guardians of Ancora                                                        46.25

The Bible Word Match Game                                          42.75

Bible Songs for Kids (Offline)                                          42.50

The Bible App for Kids                                                      27.50

Noah’s Elephant in the Room                                         18.75

God for Kids: Bible Devotional                                        16.25

Then again Jesus said to them, I am the light of the world; 

he who comes with me will not be walking in the dark but will have the light of life - John 8:12 ​


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