Services at St Mary's

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

St Mary's Church Sunday Services are now taking place as normal in church at 9am and 10:30am, however, due to the current Covid19 situation please remember that restrictions are still in place.

Live music is currently on hold but we can still enjoy professional worship thanks to the internet.

Masks should be worn unless you are exempt. Social distancing should continue at 2 metres.

Whilst it is lovely to come together and see each other again, please do not gather around the entrance and take your seat as soon as possible.  Like wise when the service is over you should leave as soon as possible. Please do not gather in the churchyard or car park.

Rev Ian, Rev Ruth, Mission and Ministry

​Holy Communion

There is a spoken holy communion service held every Sunday at 9am.

Family Holy Communion

This is a full holy communion service. The children attend Sunday Club, returning for Communion at 11:15am.  Every first and third Sunday at 10:30am

​​All Stage Worship

Service open to anyone at any stage in their Christian faith. The Sunday Club join in with this service.  Every alternative Sunday at 10:30am​

​Memorial Service

This is a non holy communion service; anyone who has recently lost a love one will be invited to this service to light a candle in their memory.   

​Open Day

At our church open day the church registers will be available for viewing for those of you interested in family history.   The open day usually occurs on the Saturday following our Memorial Service.

For up to date information of our special services, follow us on Facebook. 

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