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St M​​ary's Church

'Ordinary people discovering together the love of Jesus, spreading hope into our community and sowing and growing God's seeds of faith in people's hearts by his Spirit'.


St Mary's Church is a vibrant, growing community in Bushbury which meets throughout the week in different places and then gathers for services on Sundays.

Our Clergy

​The Reverend Dr Ian Poole is Rector and team leader

of the churches in the Parish of Bushbury.

We also work closely with other ministers who have 'permission to officiate' at services and we have a great team of lay readers.


Safeguarding - Bushbury Parish takes seriously it's committment to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. For our safeguarding policy click here

The building

The building is a grade II listed building which is one of the oldest churches in Wolverhampton with  a long history of Christian witness, probably stretching back to early Celtic missionaries to the area. 

There has been a church on the site of St Mary’s since Saxon times but whilst no trace of the original exists, the base of an old preaching cross dates from the 10th or 11th century.

The present church is built of sandstone. It was founded by Sir Hugh de Byshbury in 1350. The oldest part of the church is the chancel, which dates from this time. The main body of the church was rebuilt several times in the 1800s until we have the church we know today.

Later developments

The church was re-ordered in the mid 1970s to bring clergy and altar nearer the congregation. There is a mixture of pews and modern chairs in use, which allows for some flexibility in seating arrangements.

Newest developments

In the early 1990s a toilet was put in along with a small kitchen and tea bar. Plans were drawn up in 2016 to re-roof the building and this £400,000 project has been funded through the use of historic funds, giving from the congregation and grants. We now have a wonderful new roof. 

Plans are afoot to improve the building further in the future.

Rev. Dr Ian Poole - Rector

Rev. Dr Ian Poole - Rector

01902 788151

If you would like to donate to St.  Mary's Church, please click below for further information.

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